welcome to tino maria
for all readers
Writing has always been something I have passion and this blog was as a result from family and friends who feel what I have to say isn’t meant for them alone. Please enjoy your read.


A Nigerian doctor with a penchant for realistic application of our human resources, genuine followership and ultimately qualitative leadership.

It’s a long way from there but I strongly believe we can get there by writing to educate, innovate and to inculcate….

And how did I get here?

Some persistence of telling it the way it is, many goodwills of friends who believe I should when I thought I couldn’t!

And so:

Growing up with so many dreams brought
writing as a hobby, story telling and poetry – a “combo” of passions and medicine became the place of contemplation…..

I hope you will find the blog an easy read and somewhere to let your instincts fly!

#youcannotletgo. #Ofyourdreams. #chaseituntilitbecomesallyours!

M,B;B,S (Ogb.) FWACP(Paed.)