By Dr Kayode OV.

It’s been a rarely heart wrenching week in the last few days and I have practically dodged talking about the allegations and counter – allegations regarding the rape saga involving the COZA senior Pastor: Mr. Abiodun Fatoyinbo – the accusee and Mrs Dakolo – the accusser.

An established rape case is evil and emotionally damning to the victim; there is no two way about it.

The burdens of a truly raped victim are so enormous that a life time may become a total wreck and a nightmare especially with denial and self- loathing coloured with guilt.

Besides, a number of these rape victims do get infected with fatal sexually related infections including HIV and Hepatitis B. The latter has no easily accesible anti – viral agents till date.

Rape is therefore a monster that needs to be put away and locked down with the keys to the offender’s jail thrown into the red sea!

However, a rape case must be established to make the offender fits for justice and that justice must be served. Public outcry against rape is good but not public judgement.

The pockets of illegaly docked accused persons are one reason to seek a proper and well followed legal pathway. Judgements should not be served on the social media but in the lady Justitial’s corridor with the firm hope that the court of law would be fair and uncompromised.

This is my honest stance.

In another news however, the federal government has abandoned her ranching ideas to something more sophisticated and subtle: Ruga!

Except for its synonymous to the stomach wall called rugae, I could not find any other meaning for this sublime phenomenon online….If anyone knows, please share the meaning with those of us who are unaware really.

Sublime it is because the word Ruga disappears right after the explanatiom that brought it forward:

That in order to limit farmers and herders’ clashes, our government had to settle the herders amidst the locals to the excitement of already 11 state governors; is a tragedy and somehow a misadventure.

The Mr Buhari led FG has been unable to try one single criminal activity of those herders who perpetrate killings while grazing their cattle; yet the locals in those 11 states that have ”shown” interest must now learn to live in peace with the newly advocated and voraciously put forward potential crime spots.

The land ACT that empowers the state governors to put the land to public use became a – one way ticket to RUGA that was never in our constitution. And we seem just fine. Niger, Zamfara, Sokoto, Taraba and even Kogi states took the bait like magic; why not? 2019 governorship ticket on the line for Mr Bello!

Interestingly, quite a number of protests greeted the auditorium of the alleged rape offender – Abiodun Fatoyinbo, the manner of the protests say how much Nigerians can leap into technology, yet sommersault into the medieval ages within a twitch.

I would like Pastor Fatoyinbo to pay for all his ”sins” if found culpable. Yes and yes!

Nevertheless, I watched the church members of COZA being bullied by the protesters who paced the church auditorium in large numbers as they leave their church service last Sunday.

The shouts of ”shame on you” that rented the air nauseated me.

These church members became the offenders of a rape case that has not been tried legally in a court of competent juridiction; because they came to church? I didn’t get the logic behind that.

Instead of doing a go – fund – me project for a legal battle towards putting the accused behind the deepest of bars, those Nigerians resorted to self help.

The economic melt down that stares us in the face as we speak receives no shame. Not at all.

The Ruga that would give our ancestral lands to a particular ethnico – trader association did not receive a public outcry of shame, shame!

Our youths roam the streets and cannot get a YUGA – Youth – unemployed Getting Assisted; no o.

If we gather our agricultural graduates and empower them with farm inputs and financing, would we spend up to 5 billion before we would see changes in our farm produce and fall in unemployment?

No o, our government believe in making herding business cossier with billions in their hands, because cattle rearing is our national profession now. How distasteful could that further be?

Well, if the maiming, killings and raping of our farmers and innocent locals by the criminal minded herders be it Fulani or otherwise, are not enough ”gbosas” to make us carry placards against such genocidal ideas, then the ”kosa – kosa” noises of the social media court judgements against Fatoyinbo and any other alleged rape offenders is a child’s play.

It is hypocritical to delineate rape and other sexual molestation acts base on popularity or sensationalism. That is not justice.

If you cannot shout STOP RUGA because you don’t mind such unconstitutional terminology that gives preference to one tribe, one profession, one group over others, then you honestly lack the right to sit on the judgement throne of deccusating Sinners and Saints!

PS: I will never support RAPE of any type but something tells me some ”excited e – agents” would still not process this simple analogy.

Anyway, feel free to disagree without sounding acerebral or like a broken record!

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