”O se, O se o, O se o, O se Baba!!!”

The chorus coming from the prodigious crowds at the international airport rented the air as His Holiness St. John Paul II (he was still the reigning Pope then; Karol Wojtyla was an angel on earth and faith – wise it seems God has made his journey to Sainthood an exortation for the living faithfuls till date) was coming down from the air craft that brought him to Nigeria…

His Holiness Kissed the mother earth – the Nigerian soil – on arrival and the Nigerian Catholic Christians became ectastic!

His visit was a second to the 1982’s first visit, St John Paul II likes Africa and more so Nigeria so his visit to canonize Blessed Cyprian Iwene Tansi – A Nigerian Priest on the journey to Sainthood – in 1998 was as timely as Nigeria battled dictatorial leadership of late Sanni Abacha with many political activists and opposition imprisoned by the latter.

From the airport’s arrival, the late general demonstrated his high handed levels of apathy to the Pontiff’s visit which culminated into his final recalcitrancy at the Aso Rock.

Weirdly, the late military tyrant welcomed the Pontiff in an all total black outfit decked on with the darkest sunglasses I had ever seen; whoever managed his wardrobe that day did him a disservice with all the hot weather in Abuja. Appearing in such black outfit looked intentional regardless of the scorching sun; as if telling the world his very nature: sullied, tainted, impious and erring style of leadership!

If that was presumptuous, the subsequent requests and pleas of the Servant of the servants of God (Another name for Chief Shepherd of the Catholic Church) that the Nigerian President then – late Sanni Abacha – should release all the prisoners of democracy including the undeclared winner of the June 12 election – Late MKO – which fell on deaf ears despite all appeals and entrities were a form of an alarming cataclysm.

That is the African type of leaders; ruling like super – humans, something like demi gods whose Kingdoms are eternal; they always seem omnipotent by their very actions and inactions till their tenures expire willingly or otherwise!

Oh cluelessness of fragile powers and leaderships.

As the celebrations were over, the Nigerian Priest: Iwene Tansi was pronounced Blessed by the Church having wrought a miraculous cancer healing that defies all medical explanations except the hands of God. Such description best explained by the Scriptural Elisha’s relic raising the dead.

Unfortunately, MKO and other political prisoners did not receive any miracle; rather they remained imprisoned until Late Sanni Abacha died suddenly weeks after the Pope’s persistent pleas….The power of Light and Truth!

Even though, we lost MKO shortly after, the relief many Nigerians had from the many darkened clouds that had laid over us by the autocratic ruler was unprecedented and monumentally miraculous.

And so I keep wondering why African leaders never learn nor remember history or why would they continue to rule like they would live forever; and Methuselah died!

From South Africa, to South Sudan and to Nigeria, loss of human lives have become means of settling differences, usurping powers and retaining same.

Really, no one has been able to explain why Boko Haram, Fulani herders and recently another group has joined the blood suckers: unknown armed bandits – would be doing high and low forms of attacks with peaks of terrors when elections are over. The style of killings of innocent Nigerians in the Northern part of this country is highly suspicious with very less killings occuring during campaigns and peri- elections.

Are these killers really unconquerable? Are they really unknown men and women?

Incredible it seems, when South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011 after decades of civil wars, the then new nation thought it was El dorado with South Sudan forming her own government.

But barely 2 years into being recognized as a new country, the African village ”pipu” came calling again like they always do, always breaking, always scattering:
President Salva Kiir of the South Sudan raised some coup allegations that remain unsubtantiated till date, against his Vice: Riek Machar and boom! That was it, leading to grandstanding and a very tough opposition party emerging.

Today, the differences and ethnic wars have led to the deaths of about 400,000 South Sudanese from ethnic Dimka and Ethnic Nuer – these rivalled ethnic groups are those of the President Kiir and his ousted vice president Machar respectively!

So before you start shouting racism, know that Africa has become a worse place to live in happily and in peace. To say Africa has a brain pathway for endless ethnic sub – division that is really worthy of thesis and anti – thesis is strictly an understatement….The examples of such ethnic superiority claims would derail this piece but we know they are countless.

Well, the madness of coup and counter – coup allegations did not stop these South Sudan leaders from engaging their armies to stand down for the past 5 years, rather they intensified their blood baths, wasting the lives of their fellow country men whose ”mumu” and idiocies can never be outdone by any African nations in the world.

To look into your fellow black neighbours and stereotype him or her as culpable to die because (s)he is Dimka, Nuer, Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo or non – South African defines the very meaning of the reptilian cortex found only in animals or monkeys defending their territories especially in mating seasons!

No cerebrally intuited humans do that; I think we should stop getting angry at the word apes; that latter’s definition of blood letting Africans seem apt…gbabe!

So the the Vatican Pontiff had to invite country leaders and supposedly adults of South Sudan into a retreat lasting for more than 24hours in other to resolve such embarrasing differences that have led to such huge deaths: that was a monumental beatitude and epic moments of humility for the Bishop of Rome (and I was scared of the nothingness of life that we have failed to imbibe with all our over – religiousities) but more importantly watching this 82 – year old Pope Francis whose chronic leg pain meant he needed to be helped in prostrating to kiss the feet of these die – hard political leaders was not only nerve racking but symbolic!

I was not sure the Pope planned to do that complex positioning ab initio, I presumed (and I may be wrong) that having held the preceeding retreats, the Pope did not see the resolutions that these South Southern leaders would leave Rome and stand down on their needless genocides; I perceived they did not see any urgency to sue for peace until the costly holy kiss synonymous to Jesus’ injunction of shaking off of the disciples’ heels’ dust at the gate of the city rejecting a piece of good news!
Something similar to when an aged peace keeper burst into tears because a quarreling couple would not bulge despite all the previous talk – talk.

It would be more tolerable for the Biblical Nineveh so says the Lord. I hope the South Sudanese leaders read that part if they ever own the Holy Books!

Therefore, if the South Africans whom Nigerian government had refused to challenge head to head, see Nigerians living in their lands as sub – humans deserving to die by all means available: stoning, clubbing and gunning Nigerians down in broad day light and their President Cyril Ramaphosa remain speechless then we are the core racists and are worse than the Ninevites!

The South Africa that Nigeria stood in for during their apartheids’ terrors suddenly see Nigerians as nonentities and African animals; their security agents another disaster: getting late to scenes of masacres like the Nigeran SARS always do – UNPREDICTABLE, UNRELENTING AND UNCHANGEABLE….Another deaths 24 hours ago in Lagos courtesy of SARS and we have an IG in this country. Perhaps, the day SARS men kill a minister’s child, the government would end these lunancies!

Unfortunately, the videos being circulated on the social media are too gory to keep; I have deleted them all. Too horrific to see a fellow human being having his skull cracked open with clubs, stones and bullets in Madiba’s lands; Nelson Mandela would be turning in his grave by now!

Africa is very sick and we refuse to get medications.

Our leaders know the best routes to getting help for their people but they would always look away, watching only their stools of powers.

Their followers can become cannibals eating themselves raw at their officiating, our leaders would always pretend.

African leaders pretend to be working, they pretend to make sacrifices, they pretend to even pray to God whom they have never seen but they would never acknowledge the palpable innocent blood that always have to seal their mandates, the innocent blood their supporters use to ignite and run their democratic chairs, the blood they walk on to Juba of South Sudan, the blood that mean nothing in Cape town or Pretoria; the blood that did not reach even Abuja despite all the Xenophobic videos being shared!

African Leaders feign ignorance and perhaps waiting for the Pope’s kiss of call to wholistic change at which their egos become appeased and they make headlines… What a shame.

If the universal golden rule of do unto others what you would like to be done unto, would not touch the African leaders like Mr Ramaphosa to call his country men of South Africa to order, to issue stand down orders to his men to stop killing Innocent Nigerians sojourning in his lands;

Nor would the golden rule hasten Mr Buhari to look into all the Xenophobic killings at his backyards in the Northern Nigeria and in South Africa, then we await the Holy kiss from Rome that left Kiir, Machar and co speechless.

Nevertheless, the Pope kneeling to blow a kiss of peace on these mutinous leaders is worse than a Nineveh call to order if unheeded!

May GOD bless the Pope – Francis as he inspires the world unto Christ!

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